• Vacancies

    Our engineering company
    with manufacturing plants in Prague
    and Dýšina near Pilsen is
    always on the lookout for new qualified

  • Accuracy in production

    The highly dimensioned
    machine tools enable us
    to even machine oversized
    dimensions with a high
    degree of accuracy.

  • Certainty and prosperity in a business with modern management

    Over 700 employees worldwide.
    An annual turnover of 97 million EUR.
    Manufacturing premises of over 53,000 m2.
    Processing of 3,500 tons of steel monthly.

  • We support your future

    We offer co-operation to schools,
    the possibility of holding excursions
    to our manufacturing plants
    or the writing of dissertations.
    Included are also projects as part of
    the European Social Fund in the Czech Republic

MENK worldwide

Our company co-operates with partners worldwide. Our commercial interests are represented in USA, Germany as well as China, which means that we also operate on …

Manufacturing of the highest precision

We operate the most modern machinery and are also capable of machining oversized objects with millimetre precision, whilst maintaining a high standard of quality.

25 years of experience

Our experience allows us to uncover any potential pitfalls and to effectively avoid them. We have been paying attention to precision for over 60 years.

Kudyznudy.cz - tipy na výlet

Start your career today at Schäfer – Menk!

We have been cooperating with selected secondary schools and universities since 2001. We hold professional excursions, workshops on interesting topics and presentations for students.