Menk_PrahaThis year, Schäfer-Menk s.r.o. is celebrating 20 years since its establishment! We are a foreign-based company with manufacturing plants in Prague 5 – Radotín, and in Dýšina near Pilsen, which are part of the globally recognised Menk Group. We manufacture technologically demanding welded structures of transformer containers, weldments for mining equipment, components for vehicle mounted cranes, building machinery and motor stators. All of the company’s output is exported to countries around the world. Our annual output is approximately CZK 1.1 bn and we employ 500 workers of various professions.

The starting material for the manufacturing process is steel of various grades, including fine-grained steel. We then comprehensively process this steel and manufacture products for our customers, which are manufacturers of vehicle mounted cranes, building machinery, transporters for use in ports, locomotives and mobile loading machines. In the course of preparing production we use the most modern cutting equipment with as many as eight simultaneously operating torches, computer controlled plasma cutting equipment (with 1mm precision) with the possibility of cutting at an angle and laser cutting equipment. We weld using methods 135, 138, 131, 141, 121, and 783. We hold welding certificates issued according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2000, ČSN EN ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 3834-2, DIN EN 1090-2, DIN 18800, and DIN EN 15085-CL1.

We machine our products on CNC machining centres. Surface finishing work is performed in line with our customer’s requirements and we use the most modern measuring devices to conduct the final inspection of our products (e.g. 3D laser cameras).

Today, customers from all over the world place their confidence in us, because they know that we only satisfied with the best results. We also feel obligated by this confidence going forward. The Menk Group encompasses six manufacturing centres, two of which are in Bad Marienberg (Germany) – the parent company, one each in Prague and Pilsen (Czech Republic), one in Sterling, Illinois (USA) and one in Kunshan (China).

Menk_DEMenk Apparatebau and Bad Marienberg (Germany) are the largest European sub-contractors for the transformer industry, with a production programme which includes the bodies of mains transformers, cooling radiators and containers for power transformers.

The basic building blocks of our concept include robotics and automated welding. Our stable and experienced team of qualified employees is constantly working to develop and modernise our company’s machinery, to heed the requirements of our customers and to respond flexibly to their needs by introducing new technologies. We hold certificates issued according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We endeavour to offer our customers a complete product with a high added value. We have spread our product portfolio in such a way as to ensure that

This survey chartered the 2011-2012 annual increase in exports. The greatest contributor to this growth was the production of mining equipment, which doubled in size, thus surpassing the results of such renowned exporters such as Škoda Auto a.s. We gained 2nd place in this category.

Export is one of the most important factors in the development of any economy, which is why the awarding of this prestigious prize was also attended by our government’s political elite, crowned by the attendance of President Miloš Zeman.

It was nice to hear these elite politicians say that our company and our employees are contributing to the Czech state‘s improved economic result.

Highest manufacturing precision

We operate the most modern machinery and are also capable of machining oversized objects with millimetre precision, whilst maintaining a high standard of quality.

Celebrating 20 years since the company’s establishment

We celebrated Schäfer-Menk s.r.o.’s operations in the Czech Republic at the company’s Radotín manufacturing plant on Saturday, 7 June 2014. Karl Gross, the company’s former CEO, and Traute Schäfer, one of the owners, joined the three hundred people attending this celebration.